CoolCell® alcohol-free cell freezing container


"We have been consistently impressed with the levels of standardization that are achieved through the BioCision CoolProducts platform, and we look forward to providing our customers with a new industry standard for cryopreservation. BioCision products are elegant in their simplicity and ease of use and offer researchers standardized methods with great reproducibility and little variability in performance."
- ATCC - Kevin Grady, Product Line Business Manager

"We run a registry, in which large amounts of PBMCs are processed for long-term cyropreservation. After testing the CoolCell out, we found slightly better cell viability (>90%) than our current cell freezing containers, and there is no Isopropanol waste generated. Overall, the CoolCell has proven to us to set a new bar in cryopreservation."
- Stanford University - Rohit K. Gupta, Clinical Director, Human Immune Monitoring Center

"...The combination of controlled freezing with the CoolCell and controlled temperature for thawing greatly increase the reproducibility of the freeze thaw process, with increased cell viability and cell growth post thaw. The versatility of the system is simply brilliant."
- Roslin Cellab - John Gardner, Senior Project Leader

"The CoolCell is more efficient and easier to use than the Mr. Frosty. Not needing to add isopropyl, the lack of a screw top, and not having downtime after removing it from the -80° makes freezing cells a lot easier. I plan on only purchasing the CoolCell in the future."
- UC San Francisco - Matt Donne, Stem Cell Lab

"The CoolCell performed great. At first, I was surprised at how lightweight it was, but that turned out to be a plus. Our -80 is a complete mess like every other lab in the world. so I could easily fit it into the "catch-all" area at an odd angle on top some other "stuff" that had been there for god knows how long. I also really liked that the tubes were held relatively snuggly in the cell, so that if someone in my lab knocked it out of the -80° while digging for something else, my cells don't go flying across the lab floor, under the freezer, etc.

For the price, I would say it is a great little unit. I agree with what your website claims about the isopropanol as well. With (CoolCell), you don't need to perfectly place the it upright so it doesn't spill out etc. I can also report that cells thawed and survived perfectly well. Since we make a lot of immortal cell lines from mice, I am expecting the CoolCell to be on duty quite a bit."
- UC San Diego - Dr. Joseph R Bishop, Dept of Cellular & Molecular Medicine

"I have already purchased 21 CoolCells, I have obtained a CoolBox, and I recently ordered a 96 well flat-bottom CoolSink system. All these will be used for our assays. I need one more product to complete my collection of ice-free cooling devices. I already passed on my evaluation of the CoolCell and the other groups are pretty excited and are going to use them. Thanks."
- Merck Pharmaceutical - Srujan Peddapaidi, Vaccine Manufacturing

"Unlike conventional freezing methods, CoolCell uses no alcohol and vastly simplifies the cell freezing process. Alcohol free cell freezing means no freezing variability, no maintenance, no hazardous waste and lower cost while yielding similar or better cell viability and function."
- Labgrab -

"Great (CoolCell) video displaying the merits of another innovative product from these cutting edge biotech supply engineers"
- Genentech - Edward Kadel

"Purely altruistically, I wanted to mention that one big advantage of the CoolCell is that you can use dry ice to do your freezing if you don't have a -80. I spent nearly a year getting terrible viability-recovery on cell freezing with dry ice (in an alcohol device) followed by storage in LN2, and this on HeLa cells which aren't exactly hard to store. I then bought a CoolCell and now I can just use standard cryo-preservation techniques (DMSO, 20% NBS) and get nearly 100% viability on thawing."
- Ceramisphere (Australia) - Sam Knight

"We have completed our testing and the cells frozen back in your Coolcell are comparable to the Mr. Frosty as far as viability is concerned. We froze back cells using the coolcell and Mr. Frosty side by side. We then brought the cells back out of LN2 to test the viability for several days. Your product has several attractive aspects as well as money saving concepts."
- Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. - Tracy M. Forsyth

CoolBox™ ice-free cooling and freezing systems


"We have so many good things to say about the CoolBox XT. It is timesaving, we do not have to worry about contaminaton, they do not take up that much space. We work with library preparation for sequencing and cRNA amplification for gene expression. We work a lot with plates and they are always stable on the CoolRack and now we have a more even concentration over the whole plate. When diluting samples from one plate to another we use 2 CoolRacks at the same time, it`s perfect! We can highly recommend them!"
- Lund University (Sweden) - Dr. Ingrid Wilson, Deputy Head of Division of Oncology, Department of Clinical Sciences

"BioCision has now eliminated the ice factor and have the CoolBox in which you can keep the 96 well CoolRack. You just keep an ice pack which is wrapped in a metal case (the cooling cartridge) in the freezer and place it in the CoolBox when you are ready to start your experiment and them place the 96 well CoolRack on top of that and it chills down and stays chilled for hours with the lid on. I'm using it to keep my RNA cold for oocyte injections right now. I'll be using it to assemble my PCR reactions in the not too distant future. This had been a great new little toy to have on the bench recently because our departmental ice machine broke in April and still is not fixed! See also"
- Case Western Reserve University - Dr. Fraser Moss, Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, President Scientist Solutions



CoolRack® / CoolSink® / ThermalTray™ thermo-conductive sample modules and platforms


"The technology provided by these systems allows the operator to work in an ice or liquid nitrogen non-contact environment, which greatly benefits the sterility status, when handling vials for tissue culture procedures. There is of course the added bonus of safety when using the system for snap freezing with liquid nitrogen, as there is no direct contact with liquid nitrogen for either the operator or the cryovial. The additional option of using the system at 37°C, in a water bath, again without direct contact, aids the sterile thawing of cryovials, and is performed in a consistent and reproducible manner...The ThermalTray and CoolRack would greatly benefit the process of transfer of frozen cell lines using a dry shipper between laboratories. Transfer from the dry shipper to a tray (CoolRack) can be achieved quickly without any thawing; the vials are maintained frozen in the tray (CoolRack) while they are transferred to laboratory. This also eliminates the transfer of the dry shipper into the tissue culture suite, which would be a source of potential contamination. Once in the tissue culture facility, they can be thawed in a controlled manner rather than repeated entries into the dry shipper. This is also a safer option for the operator."
- Roslin Cellab (Scotland) - John Gardner, Senior Project Leader

"Using the demos, especially the "sushi tray" (ThermalTray) with dry ice is amazing for working with frozen vials of cells. We recently needed to reorganize our liquid nitrogen tanks, and your demos made a world of difference. We really like using the cell culture cooling plate (CoolSink) as well."
- Novartis - D.P.

"I had a chance to try out the CoolSink 96F and I think it did resolve my issue with non-uniform plate cooling, so I've ordered 4 of them, as well as a rack that fits FACS/Cryo tubes (CoolRack CF) - I like the idea of FACS tubes staying neat and dry, as well as being able to thaw LN2 cryovials without dipping them in the water. These are nice products."
- Allergan, Inc. - Dr. Keith A. Luhrs, Scientist, Biological Sciences

"I just wanted to let you know that the CoolSink 96F works wonderfully to thaw racks of Matrix tubes!! Such a timesaver!"
- Sanofi Pasteur - Stacy M. Yost, Research Technician

"We have been using the CoolRack for snap freezing our samples for the past weeks with great success. Since we were on a tight schedule we performed some validation in house and were very pleased with the results."
- Perkin Elmer - Hans B.

"Thank you for the opportunity of testing the Coolracks. They are both keepers."
- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Pam Y.

"Our lab at UC Berkeley recently tried out CoolRack M90, CoolSink, and ThermalTray and we loved them and thought they were very useful. We were just amazed by how quickly the CoolRack chills our tubes within minutes while preventing the possibility of water getting in and contaminating our samples. The CoolSink and ThermalTray provided a very stable platform for our plates over the ice. We decided to get all of them after trying them out due to their effectiveness. Our lab manager has been looking for a company that was offering such products and fortunately, we've the right place!"
- UC Berkeley - John Tran

"I've been lucky enough to have the use of a demo model of this product in my lab at Genentech. At first I thought that I didn't need such a highly engineered tray for my experiments, but after just the first use I was completely hooked! It keeps my tubes stable, very close to 0 degrees and does so for hours. After quietly watching me use my CoolRack a couple times, I now have to make sure that the rack is available when I need it as my labmates keep stealing it for themselves! I need to go out and order 5 more.This product completely revolutionizes tube racks. I obviously love it!"
- Genentech - Edward Kadel

"Don’t you hate it when you spend all morning preparing RNA or harvesting lysates, only to come back from lunch to find your precious samples drowning in a pool of melted ice? Unfortunately it’s an all too common occurrence here at Genentech. But after using the Thermal Tray and CoolRack a few times, my soggy-sample days are officially over! Not only do these tools keep your samples chilled for hours, but they also keep everything organized, safe, and secure. Biocision’s products are very well made, well designed, and just plain look cool. Highly recommended"
- Genentech - Steffan Vartanian

"We have recently purchased 2 CoolRack M90 and 1 CoolRack M30 for use in our lab. We use them almost every day. We are very pleased with the performance of these fine products. We save time on having to replenish ice in our ice buckets since we only need to get ice once a day now. Not only do they keep our samples nice and cold but they also keep our samples in order. No more digging around in the ice bucket looking for lost samples. The weight of the CoolRacks keep them firmly in place in the ice bucket, even as the ice melts. We are very happy with this product and would highly recommend it to others."
- Evotech - Dr. Eric Jorgensen

"Our group at Proteolix routinely harvests numerous tissue (200-300) samples/experiment that need to be kept chilled, for an extended period of time. The CoolRack provides us with a stable platform to keep our samples at optimum temperature. Plus keeps our samples organized, with hassle free transfer of the sample tubes from ice to dry ice. This has saved us an enormous amount of time in looking for frosty lost tubes in dry ice. It is great to thaw frozen samples on the CoolRack, since this is pertinent for sample integrity. We have three CoolRacks in our group, and now I see other groups borrowing our racks!"
- Proteolix - Dr. Maya Dajee

"The CoolRack works very well for our application. We have been searching for such a block for more than a year but could not find a suitable one. So, thanks very much."
- Gilead - Carmen Ip

"I am writing about both the products that we have been testing. They are both great products. The CoolRacks have eliminated the mess of mushy cardboard freezer boxes. The samples also freeze much faster in the CoolRacks. The CoolBox was especially helpful in the transport of fresh biopsies on dry ice from one location to another."
- Sarah Canon Research Institute (SCRI) - Laura Matthews

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