Many people have likely heard of the potential benefits of preserving a baby’s umbilical cord blood, but now scientists are taking it one step further by trying to preserve the actual umbilical cord tissue. A customer recently asked us about this very technique,  and questioned whether it is possible to freeze umbilical cord tissue with the intention of thawing at a later date and successfully retrieving a suitable quantity of viable cells for culturing.

It is possible. In fact, it is becoming trendier now to freeze a section of umbilical cord at birth – rather than saving cord blood – and to then thaw, extract and culture the pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), which have even greater potential in terms of regenerative medicine. MSC are particularly beneficial because they can differentiate into many useful cell types, such as osteoblasts (common in bone marrow, but hard to find in cord blood), and umbilical cord tissue happens to be an extremely rich source of these potentially very useful cells.

Since this is a rather new area of cryopreservation and subsequent cell culturing, we thought we’d solicit protocols from our customer base. Are you cryopreserving umbilical cord tissue? If so, we’d love to hear your method and share experiences with retrieving viable cells from a previously frozen section of umbilical cord tissue. Please post below or email us at