Sampling Science ® – a BioCision blog – provides a way for the BioCision research and development and scientific affairs experts to analyze industry trends and scientific breakthroughs and share them with you.

Sample handling standardization is the main theme and we strive to share posts that highlight efforts by ourselves and others to drive the reproducibility and standardization of temperature-sensitive processes – from cryopreservation to handling, storing and shipping of biological samples, cell therapy products and drugs.

We also share protocols, testimonials and helpful hints, to provide you with a deeper understanding of BioCision products and applications. We invite you to read and share this blog and, ultimately, engage with us on this important topic.

About BioCision

Founded in 2007, BioCision has become the innovation leader in products that improve standardization and eliminate variability in temperature-sensitive drug and bio-specimen handling, storage and transport. BioCision products feature advanced thermal management technologies and functional design to address and support the workflow needs of pre-analytical sample handling, bioprocessing, biobanking, and cold-chain logistics.

The BioCision CoolCell® line of cell cryopreservation products is the standard for passive controlled-rate cell freezing and is widely used in academic research, drug discovery, biobanking and cell therapy. The CoolRack® and CoolBox™ product portfolios provide sample temperature management for a variety of application workflows such as cell and tissue culture and cryopreservation, cell therapy, histology, immunohistochemistry, virus and bacterial research, molecular biology, and biofuels research. Our CoolStation™ line of ultra-low temperature workstations provide a flexible and mobile solution for internal cold chain logistics.

BioCision products are marketed through an extensive network of Top Tier providers including Thermo Fisher Scientific, VWR International, and many strong regional distributors. BioCision products are the choice for scientists who demand high quality samples and reproducibility, and are increasingly cited in protocols and SOPs from leading global biorepositories and centers such as ATCC and TATAA BioCenter.