ThawSTAR™ vial thawing device

Standardized thawing and recovery of frozen cells and other biomaterials. Automated operation minimizes run-to-run variability.


CoolCell® cell freezing containers

Alcohol-free, controlled-rate freezing for stem cells, primary cells, cell lines, and more. The standard for reproducible cell cyropreservation.


BioT™ temperature stability systems

Safe, comfortable processing and transport of critical temperature-sensitive biomaterials


CoolRack® and CoolBox™

Systems for reproducible sample cooling or freezing. Eliminate variability and minimize risk of ice-derived contamination.


Got CoolProducts?

We offer an extensive portfolio of CoolSolutions for your sample handling, freezing, storage and transport needs. This overview breaks down our product lines to help you identify your solution.

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BioCision, LLC, founded by a group of scientists, biomedical engineers, and drug discovery experts, is a leading manufacturer of portable benchtop tools for ensuring reproducible sample handling and preparation.

Its patent-pending products enable researchers to achieve pre-analytical sample reproducibility and consistency – experiment to experiment, lab to lab and site to site. BioCision's highly thermo-conductive bench-top tube and plate modules and complementary product lines are used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and health care industries worldwide.

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