May 18, 2016

BioCision to Showcase ThawSTAR CB Thawing System for Cryobags at ISCT 2016

First fully automated bag thawing system to standardize large volume cell-based therapeutics

SAN RAFAEL, California – May 18, 2016 – BioCision, LLC, a life science research and development company that standardizes processes from research through point-of-care, announced today that they will be showcasing their new ThawSTAR® CB Cryobag Thawing System at the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) 2016 annual meeting in Singapore.

The newest addition to BioCision’s Automated Cell Thawing Systems, the ThawSTAR CB automatically thaws cryobags commonly used to freeze, store and deliver larger volume cell-based therapeutics. The ThawSTAR CB System will reduce handling risks, eliminate the need for a water bath, and standardize thawing for consistent, reproducible results.

“The ThawSTAR CB System is a novel instrument that automates, and most importantly, de-risks bag thawing from manufacturing to point-of-care,” said Rolf O. Ehrhardt, MD, PhD, BioCision CEO. “Until recently, controlled thawing of a vial or bag was a frequently overlooked step in the cold chain. The ThawSTAR system allows our customers to improve the overall handling of cell therapies and further standardize this critical ‘last mile’ process.”

Features of the ThawSTAR CB System include:

  • • Able to thaw a range of fill volumes (~50 to 250 ml) through smart load detection
  • • Bag temperature monitoring at multiple positions
  • • Connectivity with chain-of-custody solutions
  • • Compatible with a broad range of bag models
  • • Software interface for process customization and thawing operations
  • • Integrated scanner for bag barcodes
  • • Dry thawing without liquids or gels


Those interested in an overview of the ThawSTAR CB System are encouraged to stop by booth B19 during ISCT May 25-28, 2016. ThawSTAR CB will be commercially available in Q4 2016.

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