CoolCell® FTS30

High-capacity cell freezing container for 1.0 mL or 2.0 mL cryogenic vials. Holds 30 vials.

CoolCell® FTS30

CoolCell FTS30 alcohol-free cell freezing container provides a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when used in a -80℃ freezer.  No alcohol or any other fluids required.  Unique patent-pending micro-convection design takes in cold freezer air through a bottom intake port, evenly distributes the cold air around all vials, then releases warm air through the top port.  The insulative outer housing and thermo-conductive solid state core ensure consistent heat removal to all vials throughout the freezing period. CoolCell containers are unbreakable, open easily when frozen, and are not cold to the touch when frozen - no "frosty" fingers.  Proven for use with stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.

Note: This product is NOT STACKABLE.

Save money and go green! 
CoolCell containers replace isopropanol-based freezing containers such as "Mr. Frosty" (by ThermoFisher Scientific) and others, which can consume up to 12L per year of IPA and cost hundred of dollars per unit per year to maintain.  CoolCell containers instantly save money and eliminate hazardous solvents from the cell cryopreservation process.  Calculate your cost savings here.

Holds 30 1.0 mL or 2.0 mL cryogenic vials. Cryogenic vials fill volume: 1.0 mL per vial. Fill empty wells with CoolCell Filler Vials, 2 mL to ensure constant -1℃/minute freeze rate.

cell cryopreservation, cell freezing, cryostorageCoolCell FTS30 Freezing Profile

Performance test: A thermocouple temperature probe was placed into 3 separate 2.0 mL cryogenic vials containing 1.0 mL of freezing media. Beginning at room temperature, the tubes were placed into a CoolCell FTS30 at various locations in the FTS module. The CoolCell FTS30 was then placed directly into a -75°C freezer and the temperature of the freezing media was recorded at 10 second intervals over a 4 hour period. The experiment was repeated 3 consecutive times

Conclusion: BioCision’s CoolCell FTS30 controlled-rate cell freezing module provides consistent vial to vial freezing and fusion duration cycle after cycle. In addition, the freezing profile is identical to that obtained with the widely accepted CoolCell 12 which has become the gold standard for cell freezing in thousands of laboratories.



CoolCell product brochure

More CoolCell information and performance data

CoolCell FTS30 is available in 4 colors:
BCS-170, Purple
BCS-170G, Green
BCS-170O, Orange
BCS-170PK, Pink
Replacement Vial Modules are available in a pack of 10

Dimensions (Diam x H):  16.5 x 11.5 cm / 6.5 x 4.5 in

Well Diam: 12.3 mm / 0.48 in

Made in USA.

For cell thawing, please see ThawSTAR cell thawing system.

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