CryoPod™ Carrier

Safe, secure liquid nitrogen transport

CryoPod™ Carrier

cryopod award winning



Winner of two innovation awards!
New Product of the Year Award at ISBER 2015 and New Innovative Product or Technology Award at ESBB 2015.  


Safe, portable LN2 transport

CryoPod™ Carrier addresses an unmet need in cryogenic sample transport and handling around the laboratory, campus or town. Provides safe, reliable and portable < -150˚C cryogenic transport for biospecimens for over 4 hours. Displays temperature, date and time, and features audible and visual alarms, as well as logging capability. Integrates into an (optional) automated filling station, ensuring safer handling and replenishing the LN2 charge in less than 15 minutes. 

Operator safety

  • Allows safe and quick transportation of cryogenic samples
  • Auto-fill option

Maintains sample integrity

  • < -150°C for over 4 hours
  • Temperature display with audible and visual alarms
  • Magnetized lid
  • No direct sample contact with LN2

Reliable performance

  • Temperature logging and retrieval

Compact, lightweight

  • Requires only 3 L of liquid nitrogen
  • Built-in handle and finger grips
  • Accommodates one standard freezer storage box

Over 4 hours hold time 


The entire 2.5 inch working depth of the CryoPod Carrier remains well below -150˚C for over 4 hours
with one charge of LN2 and with the lid closed. Temperature readings were taken on the CryoPod interior
base chamber (basket) floor 2 inches and 2.5 inches from the floor, as well as on the top of the chamber
for over 4 hours. The chamber is situated above the CryoPod Carrier compartment containing LN2 and 
there is no direct contact between the chamber contents (e.g. cryobox) and LN2.

Stable temperature profile

1. Cryobox sitting in cryostorage container with 0.5 inches of LN2 prior to insertion of samples into CryoPod Carrier. Samples in cryobox <-170˚C.  2. Cryobox inserted into CryoPod Carrier.  3. CryoPod Carrier transported by foot around neighborhood for 1.5 hours. Ambient temperature of 65-70˚F (18-21˚C).  4. Cryobox removed from CryoPod Carrier and inserted into LN2 cryostorage container


Hold Time  Over 4 hours at <-150˚C with lid closed
Capacty  One 2-inch cryobox or 2-3 small cassettes
Charge  Requires ~ 3 Liters liquid nitrogen (LN2)
Alarm  Two Settings with audible and visual signals
Design  Magnetized foam lid for safer transport
Power  Battery operated front panel
Termperature Audit Trail    Downloadable temperature log data via USB port
Weight  15.2 pounds without samples, fully charged with LN2
CryoPod Carrier™ external dimensions (L x W x H)  Internal: 19.9 x 18.6 x 7.8 cm (7.9 x 7.3  x 3.1 in)
 External: 33.7 x 32.2 x 25.7 cm (13.3 x 12.7 x 10.1 in)
Cryogenic Chamber Basket Dimensions (L x W x H)  19.9 x 18.6 x 7.8 cm (7.9 x 7.3 x 3.1 in)

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