ThermalTray™ HP

Item No. BCS-104, High profile platform recommended for water baths

ThermalTray™ HP

ThermalTray HP is a high-profile thermo-conductive platform that supports CoolRack and CoolSink modules in liquid temperature sources such as water, melting ice and liquid nitrogen. The high-profile is ideal for use in a water bath as it will keep samples above the water line, but at the desired temperature.

Precision-engineered for optimal thermal contact between ThermalTray and CoolRack and CoolSink sample modules.  Stable design provides solid, sturdy base of processing or dissecting samples.  Minimizes risk of sample contamination by eliminating direct contact with water, LN2 or other temperature sources.  

Made in USA.

Dimensions ( L x W x H): 27.9 x 14.0 x 8.6 cm / 11.0 x 5.5 x 3.4 in 

To order, contact

+1 (978) 262-2626

+44 (0) 1617772000

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