CoolRack® Tube Cooling Modules

Thermo-conductive sample modules for use in ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or heat sources

Product Overview

PROBLEM (Left) Current method of cooling samples in ice. The random layout can result in misidentification, errors in processing and temperature variability.

SOLUTION (Right) CoolRack tube modules provide consistent temperature to all samples (+/- 0.1°C), stability and organization - making ice bucket cooling error-free and reproducible.

CoolRack® Applications:  

Cooling on ice

Snap freezing on dry ice
or liquid nitrogen

Ice-free, all day cooling

Performance Data

CoolRack reproducibility:  Five consecutive freeze/thaw cycles show super-imposable thermal profiles. Experiment set-up: CoolRack CF45 in a waterbath equilibrated to 37℃, then placed onto dry ice, then returned to water bath. Repeated five times.

Snap Freezing in Dry Ice. Sample in CoolRack M30-PF (green) resting on dry ice freezes as fast as a sample tube placed directly into alcohol and dry ice slurry (yellow).  Experiment set-up:  CoolRack M30-PF placed directly onto dry ice. See more CoolRack performance data.









More Information

Keep tubes at desired temperature - from -150°C through >+100°C - without direct contact to ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or heat sources such as water baths, ovens and incubators

Minimize risk of contamination and keep tubes dry

Tubes stay upright and organized

Consistent and reproducible temperature to all tubes when cooling, (snap)freezing or heating/thawing samples

Beveled finger grips and hard-annodized surface for resistance to rust, corrosion, and abrasion

Sterilize via autoclave, high-heat, disinfectants or alcohol

Made in USA

Product Brochure:

CoolRack Tube Modules

Selection Guide:

CoolRack Tube Modules

Application Notes:

Bench Top Sample Cooling - with Ice and Ice-free


Snap Freezing of Tissue Samples

Virus Cryopreservation Using a CoolRack Module

Bacteria Cryopreservation Using a CoolRack Module

Snap-Freezing in Liquid Nitrogen Using a CoolRack Module and
ThermalTray Platform

Snap Freezing Samples in Dry Ice Using a CoolRack Module

Instructions For Use:


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